Novel announces Seed Round Extension to further their Revenue Growth Platform

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As a start-up, Novel is the best partner to help you grow. Their service is personalized, with a great understanding of our business and growth needs. The loan process was efficient, and the payments don’t hurt your cash flow.
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Take Control Of Your Capital Choices

Access up to $5M in non-dilutive funding that’s made for Founders like you.
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Patient Repayment

From 1-month to 36-months, we have the payoff timelines that fit your cashflow.

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Optimize Your Cost

Draw what you need when you need it. Only pay on what you draw.

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Grows With You​

As your company grows, you’ll access more capital to fuel your future.​

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Transparent Process

Our straightforward funding process moves quickly to get you capital.


Capital in 3 Simple Steps 

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1. Sign-up & Sync Your Data 

Securely connect your tools to our platform with read-only access. 

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2. Apply for Funding 

Complete your application for funding to receive terms.

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3. Access Capital

Accept terms and get capital delivered within 10 days.


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Break Down Your Growth Barriers

Extend Runway

Add to your runway and secure peace of mind.

Accelerate Revenue

Invest in sales & marketing to improve revenue growth.

Fundraise Faster

Add non-dilutive capital into your next round.​

Fill Cashflow Gaps​​

Make vital operational investments without waiting on invoices.​​

Avoid Dilution​

Get capital now without impacting a future exit.​

Hire Staff​

Sell and implement faster by adding talent.​

Secure Payroll​

Create a safety net for your most critical expense.​

Bridge to Equity​

Sustain the organization on your way to your next fundraising event.​


Founders Love Us

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Knowing Better, Growing Faster

Revenue-based financing (RBF) is a is form of non-dilutive funding underwritten based on a startup’s monthly or annual recurring revenue (MRR or ARR). Entrepreneurs receive a lump sum of capital, which is then returned through monthly payments up to a predetermined return cap.

Traditional RBF providers require repayment through a monthly percentage of revenue.

At Novel, we approach startup financing differently. We offer simple fixed monthly payments and patient payback periods from 1-to-36-months.

Our revenue-based financing (RBF) is designed for SaaS & tech companies with the following financial characteristics:

  • Minimum $350k revenue + targeting profitability
  • 10%+ YoY revenue growth
  • Predictable revenue
  • Seeking at least $100k in funding

One of the advantages of our financing is that it is very flexible and useful across many stages of a company.

Novel’s funding is a great fit whether you’re a bootstrapped company, have prior angel or VC investment, are looking to bridge to a round, or as a part of your current fundraise.

At Novel Capital, we work with founders who are seeking capital targeted to accelerate revenue growth or support working capital needs, rather than strictly R&D.

We will generally provide a committed capital line up to 40% of the value of your annual revenue.

We provide entrepreneurs anywhere between $100k to $5m to fuel their growth. Additional capital is easily unlocked as your company continues to perform.

Our process is transparent and simple; there are no personal guarantees, covenants or warrants required. Unlike venture debt, we don’t require the companies we invest in to be venture-backed. You can continue to get capital on-demand as you continue to grow.

We also understand that you may have other investors that have provided you capital. Your company and IP are never at risk with Novel.

While companies that have MRR and ARR fit our model well, it is not a requirement to our financing. We work well with companies that have recurring and one-time revenues.

We know you have better things to do than spend months fundraising. You can receive capital in-hand within 10 days of your completed application.

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