Novel Capital Teams Up With GrowthX to Launch the Novel Sales Bootcamp

Partnership will help entrepreneurs increase revenue through this sales-focused bootcamp


Kansas City, MO, June 8, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Novel Capital, the fintech Revenue Growth Platform that helps B2B businesses accelerate their growth, is providing a 16-week Novel Sales Bootcamp exclusively for member companies. The bootcamp is run in partnership with GrowthX, the venture capital fund and Revenue Accelerator operator.

This comprehensive program provides B2B founders with on-demand learning and coaching from both GrowthX and Novel Capital’s senior leadership teams. Participants will be taught proven strategies, best practices, and case studies to win customers and grow revenue.

The Novel Sales Bootcamp aligns with the company’s mission to help businesses scale with more than just capital, and equip them with the resources needed to capitalize on their momentum.

“It takes much more than just capital to set entrepreneurs up for success, which is why we place such an emphasis on curated resources for our founders, such as the Novel Sales Bootcamp,” said Carlos Antequera, CEO and Co-founder of Novel Capital. “The bootcamp is a significant offering for Novel Capital as we’re always looking for new ways to support founders throughout their entrepreneurial journey.”

In addition to enabling founders to systemically grow their revenue, the bootcamp also allows entrepreneurs to connect with fellow founders, share their experiences and learn from one another.

“We entered the bootcamp thinking that we know our product and our customer and what they like about us. The bootcamp does away with persona-building in favor of data wrangling. Improvisation and guesswork are replaced with data-driven, high-probability sales and marketing strategies,” said Jason Sochol, Co-Founder of TVP NYC and Novel Sales Bootcamp participant. “We are very excited to refine our product, test our revised ideal customer profile, and reorganize our sales and marketing efforts toward validated strategies.”

The bootcamp incorporates GrowthX’s ​​Get-to-Market™ System, a proven methodology that helps founders find product-market fit and generate unique and reliable insights to accelerate their business.

“We believe that traction speaks louder than words and pitch decks,” said Andrew Goldner, CEO of GrowthX. “As more founders seek out funding sources beyond traditional venture capital and tangible resources to help them go-to-market, and not just go-to-product, we’re excited to partner with Novel Capital to bring founders the powerful combination of its on-demand, revenue-based financing and our proven Get-to-Market System™.”

To learn more about Novel Capital and how it equips entrepreneurs with the resources needed to accelerate their growth, visit the company’s websiteTwitter or LinkedIn.

About Novel Capital

Novel Capital’s fintech funding platform breaks down the traditional growth barriers faced by today’s B2B companies. Their tech-first approach makes it easy for customers to leverage future recurring revenue for immediate access to non-dilutive capital. Paired with online data-driven insights and curated resources, the Novel platform empowers entrepreneurs to capitalize on their momentum.

About GrowthX

GrowthX is a venture capital fund and investor syndicate powered by MXP Online, our proprietary Get-to-Market System™ that enables founders to do the work necessary to find product-market fit while providing us and our network of investors with unique and reliable early-stage investible insights. We work with a wide area, global network of founders primarily through the dozens of accelerators and funds powered by MXP Online. We also operate our own program powered by MXP Online called The Revenue Accelerator.


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