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At Novel Capital, we invest in entrepreneurs passionate about transforming their idea into a service, have the grit to earn paying customers, and are committed to growth.


Carlos Antequera joins host Alana Muller to share how being patient with building professional relationships can results in result in long-term business opportunities.

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Big venture rounds get media coverage, but they’re not the only financing option for startups —or even the most attractive.

Alternative financing options can provide capital faster without sacrificing equity. Here, we’ll look at three.

In this podcast episode, Carlos shares how his early startup experiences led to the discovery of a gap in the funding ecosystem, and why revenue-based financing is an actionable alternative route for startups. Plus, he shares insights and advice for other founders on the startup journey.

Kansas City-based Novel Capital emerged from stealth and announced $115 million in initial equity and debt funding from undisclosed backers—the latest move in the growing realm of companies looking to offer founders alternatives to traditional venture capital.

Co-founder Carlos Antequera talks about the funding injection for its revenue-based financing platform and what’s next.

Carlos Antequera immigrated from Bolivia to the U.S. when he was 18-years-old. After having a successful exit with his last company, he is now the Founder & CEO of Novel Capital, a revenue-based financing firm for growing B2B software companies.

Short-term goals that can make a difference in your growth should include short-term funding rather than expensive, long-term debt or equity capital, revenue-based financing specialists say.

DoorDash is just one of the latest companies to jump into the revenue-based financing space. They offer short-term loans for small business owners, hoping to catalyze the next stage of growth.

Novel Growth Partners successfully closed its oversubscribed first fund and is expanding its investing activities in the Midwest and beyond.

There is plenty of blame to go around for tech’s monoculture of thought and ideas: VC firms stacked with Ivy League-educated white male partners; a reluctance by investors to seed businesses outside a few major cities on the U.S. coasts;…

Welcome back to the Adventure Capital podcast! We’re here today with Keith Harrington, the co-founder and managing director at Novel Growth Partners.

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Revenue-Based Financing Platform, Novel Capital, Announces $115M in Funding to Transform How Companies with Predictable Revenue Fund Their Growth

Novel Capital is an innovative growth platform, providing capital and online resources to enable companies with recurring revenue to accelerate growth

Kansas City, MO, March 17, 2022
Novel Capital, a fintech company helping businesses accelerate growth, came out of stealth today with $115M in initial equity and debt funding. Through its online platform, Novel Capital provides an alternative funding method to entrepreneurs that is simpler and less risky than bank debt and does not require founders to give up equity or control.

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