Stop Holding Back Your Growth

With our strategic capital you can access up to $5M in non-dilutive capital to drive your revenue
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Flexible Draws

Only pay for what you take.

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Patient Repayment

Up to 36 months.

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Committed Facility

Available for 12-months.

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Pay-Off Incentive

Reduced cap with early payoff.

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“Novel gets ‘it’. They understand financing challenges with growing businesses better than all the banks I've dealt with over the years. They're filling a gap between traditional bank financing and VC/private investor capital.
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Claude Burns
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Novel Funds:

B2B SaaS & Tech Companies

Recurring or Reoccurring Revenue

$350k+ in Annual Revenue​

Seeking $100k-$5M in Capital

10%+ YoY Revenue Growth


Ascend Higher with Upfront Capital™

Plays Well with Current Investors

Our non-dilutive capital is a solution your board will appreciate. ​

Cost is Under Your Control​

Choose the draw amounts that work for you, only pay for what you take.

Take the Time You Need

Whether you need 3-months or 36, our facilities adapt to your timeline.​

Scales Along With You

As your revenue grows, you’ll unlock additional capital to keep moving.

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The Obtainable Option for SaaS Companies

With traditional bank and VC options, most SaaS companies won't qualify. Our Founders utilize Novel’s revenue-based funding to accelerate their return and hit new milestones sooner. 
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Availalble for Funding

Capital in 3 Simple Steps 

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1. Sign-up & Sync Your Data 

Securely connect your tools to our platform with read-only access. 

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2. Apply for Funding 

Complete your application for funding to receive terms.

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3. Access Capital

Accept terms and get capital delivered within 10 days.


Capital Made to Be Better 


Leave Behind... 


Instead Get...

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Comparing Terms?

Learn the difference between different types of costs from non-dilutive funding providers.



The Basics of Revenue-Based Funding

Here are a few things our financing algorithm looks when determining funding for SaaS & Tech startups.

Know what your trailing 12, 6, and 3 months of revenue are. This is different than ARR!

High concentrations of recurring revenue (think subscriptions) can lead to higher facilities.

You don’t have to have a hockey stick, but the better your growth rate, the larger the facility available.

The holy grail of SaaS and the flip side of burn, the more runway you have, the easier it is to access funding.

Those lingering debts can bring down total facility size, as new debt shouldn’t hurt the business.

Profitability isn’t required for funding, but an eventual path will get you more funding today.

Part of the SaaS Rule of 40, the typical SaaS company has a GPM between 70% – 95% and is critical for good cashflow. 

The more diversified your revenue across clients, the easier to demonstrate market viability.

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Founders Love Us

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Knowing Better, Growing Faster

Upfront Capital is a great fit for B2B SaaS & Tech companies with recurring or reoccurring revenue. (think subscriptions) You must have at least $350k in ARR and revenue growth of at least 10% YoY.

  • Minimum $350k revenue + targeting profitability
  • 10%+ YoY revenue growth
  • Predictable revenue
  • Seeking at least $100k in funding

Once we schedule an introductory meeting, you register on our platform, connect your accounting and banking systems, and we determine how much capital you could qualify for.

After you complete the full application, we will provide you capital in 10 days or less.

The entirety of the application process is transparent, fair, and as easy as we can make it for the entrepreneur.

Novel offers a choice of payment options and terms. With Upfront Capital™ you can choose between 3 to 36 months repayment length, and a fixed or scaled payments.

The terms are flexible to work with your cashflow, and as expected, there are no penalties for early repayment.

Whether you need short-term working capital or are making strategic investments in your growth, Novel’s capital is a right fit.

Many of our Founders use capital from us to bridge between equity rounds, hire to support implementations, smooth seasonal cashflow, or accelerate sales & marketing.


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