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4 Tips to Become a More Effective Manager

Productive and trusting relationships between managers and employees is key to the success of your software company. Insufficient management or negative manager-employee relationships can lead to a loss of motivation, enthusiasm, productivity, and general company morale. As a manager, you’re responsible not just for the outputs of the employees you manage but supporting and guiding them as well. So, how can you improve your managerial skills? Here are a few tips!

1. Set up weekly one-on-ones

Weekly one-on-ones between managers and their employees are essential in making sure everyone is on the same page. Having established check-ins allows for regular project updates, feedback sessions, and time to chat. Additionally, it ensures employees have an established time and place to bring up any concerns or comments they may have, instead of waiting for a review every 6 months. Weekly one-on-ones ensure you won’t be surprised when a project is delayed, an employee is unhappy, or anything else that naturally comes up while working at a startup.

2. Strive for open communication

A manager-employee relationship is only effective when there’s trust between the two. One of the most important things you can do as a manager is making sure your employee trusts that they can come to you with any questions, comments, or concerns they have. Similarly, your employee needs to see that they can count on you, and that you’ll stick up for them when you need to. Trust goes both ways – be open and transparent with your employee, and that will pave the way for honesty in return.

3. Provide immediate feedback 

Use your weekly one-on-ones to provide ongoing feedback. This means your employee is continuously improving, rather than only talking about improvements twice a year. Additionally, providing ongoing feedback creates a more efficient workplace.

4. Make time for the good

While it’s of course important to provide constructive criticism, so that your company is constantly on an upward trajectory, it’s also important to make time to express gratitude and praise. Saying a quick “Thanks!” or “Great job!” can go a long way in improving company morale and making your employee feel appreciated. Balancing feedback and praise is important, so that your employee is not just hearing what they need to improve upon. They hear the good too.

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