Novel Capital and Pipeline Entrepreneurs Partner to Make NonDilutive Capital More Accessible for Startups in the Midwest

Partnership will provide Pipeline Members with access to Novel Capital’s Growth Platform


KANSAS CITY, Feb 13, 2023 Novel Capital, the fintech Growth Platform that helps B2B businesses accelerate their growth, today announced a partnership with Pipeline Entrepreneurs to make nondilutive capital more accessible to startups in the Midwest. 

Pipeline is a network of highperforming entrepreneurs whose work directly impacts the growth of the innovation ecosystem and the economy in the Midwest. Entrepreneurs based in the heartland are often overlooked by investors, with much of the attention and access to capital being concentrated on the coasts. 

Novel Capital’s partnership with Pipeline Entrepreneurs addresses that disparity by providing B2B member companies of its Entrepreneurial Fellowship program access to the nondilutive growth capital, support and resources needed to scale. 

The Pipeline Entrepreneurial Fellowship program helps a select group of Midwest entrepreneurs grow their companies by providing them with expert advice and resources from a panel of national advisors and mentors.

“Pipeline’s Fellowship program is critical to the success and growth of so many Midwest Founders, and by expanding capital access for their community, we can help these entrepreneurs maximize their growth potential,” said Carlos Antequera, CEO and Cofounder of Novel Capital. “As a former fellow, I know firsthand the impact that the Pipeline program and network have. We want to boost the effectiveness of that foundation by providing Founders access to another critical component growth capital at the time they need it most.” 
The partnership between Novel Capital and Pipeline will help the fellows act upon the program’s advice and resources by allowing them to leverage their predictable revenue for access of up to 40% of their revenue in nondilutive capital, without the personal guarantees or warrants so many Founders at this stage face.
Novel offers two distinctive capital products for earlystage companies: UpFront Capital™, offering controllable payment options and generous 24month payoff terms, and RevShare™, with payments that flex based on monthly cash receipts over 36 months. As Founders grow their businesses, they can access additional capital to fuel their momentum.

“There are so many promising startups in the Midwest, but they often lack the access to capital needed to become scalable,” said Melissa Vincent, Executive Director of Pipeline Entrepreneurs. “We’re excited to work with Novel Capital to provide entrepreneurs with an alternative form of funding custombuilt for Founders at this growth stage.”
This initiative is part of Novel Capital’s Partner Program, which launched earlier this year. The program is designed to help the customers and members of partner companies unlock the value of their predictable revenue.
To learn more, visit Novel Capital’s website and follow the company on LinkedIn. For more information on Pipeline Entrepreneurs, visit the company’s website and follow them on LinkedIn.


About Novel Capital

Novel Capital’s fintech revenue growth platform aims to break down the traditional barriers to growth faced by today’s B2B companies. Their digital experience will allow Founders to leverage future predictable revenue for access to nondilutive capital, unlock datadriven insights, and act upon machine learningpowered strategies that accelerate growth. The Novel
platform empowers Entrepreneurs to capitalize on their momentum.


About Pipeline Entrepreneurs

Pipeline is a network of highperforming entrepreneurs who call the Midwest home. Their entrepreneurs have access to a renowned national network of experts who share a passion for the Pipeline family. Through Pipeline, entrepreneurs invest in their own professional development, and also give generously of their time, talent and capital to enable them to build
global businesses from wherever they choose. Pipeline takes zero equity in Member companies, focusing on the entrepreneur first. The fellowship year is just the beginning. Pipeline is available for life.


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